my favorite reaction pic in the world is that one with candace from phineas and ferb and she’s like ‘MOM HOLY FUCk’

tru and biomed people are so elitist… but also international studies & public health are actually the schools best programs.. :-):-):-):-):-)

i am not applying to jhu BUT im secretly applying to ucla #calfornia my sister and her boyf are gonna pay for that app

Zayn’s marrying a white girl bc it runs in the family but i guess that ruins your gross nasty ass daddy fantasies to think about that huh

actually our top programs are not in fact life sciences but…….never..mind……..

bullSHIT you know all the nerds go for ~~~biomedical engineering~~~ now and call it premed



Road to Vegas: One Direction

my cousin recently had a wedding in july (she got married to an indian man) and the brides maids were wearing saris, all of them were white, is this cultural appropriation, or cultural exchange?


it’s appreciation stop asking dumbass questions like this


matching icons for you and your friends so longcat wont always be long but occasionally when you post in a row in the right order longcat will be long